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An on-demand solution for a market of 40 million affected properties


Advanced dampness diagnosis in less than 1 minute

Discover Rehauss AI, a neural network model that enables advanced detection, precise estimation, and technical solutions for dampness problems in a property through image analysis and specific parameters that help in preliminary diagnosis.


Achieve a healthy home
with efficient detection

Image analysis to identify visual signs of dampness

Interpretation and spatial analysis of the problem according to the characteristics of the property

Personalized solution generated by integrating specific variables and techniques

Obtain a personalized quote to resolve each type of dampness

Property Owners

We use the best development standards

Integration and connection
with the best brands and professionals


A convolutional neural network for technical dampness detection


Potential Number
of Projects

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Diagnosis accuracy

success rate


Response time

in seconds


Accuracy of the actual project cost

accuracy rate

A diagnosis with multiple layers of analysis for maximum accuracy


Layer of specialized and structural parameters

Performs a detailed analysis of the specific and structural parameters of the property’s environment for precise dampness diagnosis.

Image feature extraction layer

Uses image processing algorithms and neural networks to identify signs of dampness or categorize their types, providing a solid basis for subsequent analysis.

Algorithmic calculation and clustering layer for precise diagnosis

Applies metric calculation algorithms for an accurate diagnosis of dampness problems, generating detailed reports with recommendations for a definitive solution.

Learn how to diagnose with AI and solve your dampness issues from your mobile in less than 3'

Rehauss AI uses labeled datasets, parameter analysis, and continuous updates to offer personalized and accurate solutions for dampness problems in properties.

The Rehauss AI model is trained using labeled datasets that contain images and structural data of properties affected by moisture problems. These data are used to adjust the model’s parameters and improve its ability to accurately identify and diagnose moisture problems.

Yes, Rehauss offers personalized solutions for different types of dampness problems, tailored to the specific needs of each client and the characteristics of each property.

From our application, you can quickly and easily receive all diagnoses with measurements, causes, and solutions for your moisture problems, as well as a detailed quote with the necessary steps to eliminate them.

Go to your Apple Store or Play Store and download the application for free. Once you create your account, you can sign up with your email, Google account, or Facebook.

Continuous training for a highly accurate model to solve a real problem

Rehauss AI is based on a continuous training cycle, where the AI model undergoes constant iterations of learning and adjustment. Each training cycle aims to improve the model’s accuracy, specifically adapting it to address the technical challenges and complexities of our sector.


Did you know that you are losing over 30% of your energy due to dampness ?

420 €

Annual Energy Loss


Extra Consumption in Heating and Lighting

5,2 mill.

Homes with Dampness


Solve your dampness issues and achieve a healthy and efficient home

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